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“Design-Build” the phrase is here to stay. 3D modelling studio have already step up to the challenge of delivering robust as-built models to ….

We look to meet to the needs of  intuitive  data that allows architects for creativity and iteration in design, and smart information required in planning and estimating platforms used by construction professionals. We combine the capacities of geometric accuracy of laser scanning with the flexibility and smartness provided by CAD and BIM formats,  to enables  Architects, Engineers and Fabricators, to realize greater agility, efficiency and insight.

In our increasingly digital world, new ‘3D’ challenges raise every day, and we eagerly work to provide solutions that blend groundbreaking 3D innovations and practical features to solve today’s business problems


At 3D modelling we fuses technical understanding with artistic experience to provide a true understanding of our clients’ requirements.

Our different scanner setups offer a variety of capture quality levels, while our mastery in data processing allow us to refine the geometric and radiometric information to achieve greater realism in representation.

We can offer raw mesh data through cleaned and repaired surfaces in industry standard formats.

Historical Preservation

Capturing our heritage and artifacts in their existing state is critical for their preservation and to gain in-depth knowledge of historical elements.

Laser Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry really comes into its own when used within the heritage environment. The ability to accurately capture complex and irregular features quickly and remotely has obvious benefits over traditional survey techniques. This, combined with the capacity of capturing the actual texture of the surfaces,

Our solutions allow current state information to be captured quickly in immersive 3-dimensional detail including images without requiring disruption or contact with the artifacts. Detailed visualization and analysis can be easily performed in the virtual environment created.

We are not only interested in conducting technical survey, but also in the communication and diffusion of historical assets.

Field Solutions

Almost every object of the natural and built environment can be accurately documented with our technology. We work to improve the vertical accuracy through the use of GPS and Total Station support, and to cover large areas maintaining a high level of accuracy .

Our solutions looks to quickly and easily improve planning and decision making process by providing comprehensive 3D data and specific analysis, that ranges from metric maps to yield monitoring.